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The own branded digital financial advisory service for your clients!

Interested in learning how you to can bring your own branded app to your clients and grow your business digitally?

To survive we must evolve and innovate.

Digital app for financial advisors


Bring your business into the 21st Century by providing your clients with your own branded interactive and gamified financial planning app.

Grow customer numbers

Grow Client

Attract digital natives clients, on the start of their financial journeys.  Provide them with the financial advice they need in the way they like to consume it.

Continual Proactive Advice

Continual Proactive Advice

AI driven analysis provides your clients with real time advice, updates and best product solutions, specifically tailored for them.

Improve NPS/ Brand loyalty

Deeper Client Relationships

With more touch points, more interaction and regular feedback you enhance the value that you bring to your clients and improve your brand awareness.

One Click Buy

Digital Product

With improving technology the app innovates with the providers, allowing clients to easily implement recommended solutions themselves when it suits them through your app. 

Compliant Regulated Advice

Compliant Implementation

Recommendations provided to clients are supported by appropriate suitability statements and supporting regulatory documentation in addition to full AML adherence.

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