SproutPlans Financial Calculators

We share below a number of useful calculators that we have built to help you.  Please use these and share these as you wish.

All data that you enter into any of these apps are non identifying and not shared with or visible to anyone, unless you choose to share it.

Apps work best on mobiles - just click the link or access via QR codes. 



What does the ECB rate hike mean to me?

Use this app to quickly estimate the impact of the September 2022 rate hike on your tracker rate loans.  Note that although variable rates are not directly correlated with ECB rate hikes, the cost of borrowings to the lenders are increasing by these amounts and it is not inconceivable that variable rates may rise at similar rates (albeit more delayed).

See the benefits of investing

Want to know what your pension might be valued at when you retire? What income you might have in retirement.  Quickly see the impact of changing your retirement age/ investment strategies/ contribution levels on your long term finances.

See how much of your future investment might be because of investment return - we love this simple app!

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Investment Calculator Pension Calculator.png

Best Mortgage Calculator

  1. See the true difference in cost between two different mortgages

  2. See the interest savings you can make by paying off more on your loans & mortgages

  3. See how much you might afford to borrow

Do you ever ask yourself any of the following questions:

  • Should I go for cashback?

  • Should I fix or not?

  • Should I switch my mortgage?

  • What is the impact of clearing my loan/ mortgage early?

  • How much of a mortgage might a bank consider me for - not just your 3.5x calculator.

Mortgage Calculator.png
Amortisation Mortgage Calculator.png

Test your financial fitness

Are you dubious about life cover? Do you have an idea of how much life cover you might actually need to protect your income and your loved ones?
What about your quality of life in retirement - are you on track to continue to live the life that you have become accustomed to or would wish for?

Why don't you take a minute and do our financial fitness test?

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Your own financial plan

No one financial decision should be viewed in isolation but part of a complete financial picture.  How does buying a home, impact on your ability to retire at age 55 - can you afford it all or if not what can you do to achieve all your goals?

Use our first cashflow planning app to draw up a free financial plan.


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