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Financial planning - finding the most efficient ways of achieving your goals

A financial plan increases your chances of success sooner
Life is a journey

Financial planning for us at SproutPlans is all about helping you to achieve your goals. Taking a concept first approach, we take time to understand where you are on your life's journey and where you want to get to - its always all about you!

By putting in place a financial plan however it allows you to see the most efficient route of achieving your goals. A great financial plan uses the same resources to do more whilst also seeking to maintain your standard of living. A financial plan is about finding a balance between the present and the future, not sacrificing one for the other.

Our process:

  1. We take time to understand you and what your financial aspirations are e.g., retire early, clear debt, buy a new home etc.

  2. We work out where you are now and how you are utilizing your existing cash resources.

  3. We bring together all this information and identify the most efficient solutions. No one financial decision should be looked at in isolation, but as part of a complete picture. If you can imagine increasing debt repayments by say €100 per month, this will improve your monthly cashflow sooner and make actual interest savings for you.

  4. We look at your levels of life insurance and provide you with very specific advice as to the minimum levels of insurance you need and for how long.

  5. We will arrive at best next steps for you and search the market to find the best solutions available to us that will assist you in achieving your goals for the best value. In doing so our agenda is to provide you with the best advice to achieve your goals.

If you are interested in exploring how much value a financial plan can bring to you, please do not hesitate to contact us:

How we get paid

There is no fee currently for this service through SproutPlans, as it is key to us that in implementing any recommendations they are based on best advice first. We believe that no financial advice should be given without taking the time to understand our clients and draw up a plan with them. Other providers charge up to €3,000 plus VAT for their Financial Planning service.

Should you choose to implement any of the suggested product solutions, the providers pay us via commissions which is most common in the market, however we endeavour, where possible, to ensure 100% of your monies are invested for your benefit.

More information on how we get paid can be found here:

MyRoboFP T/A SproutPlans is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland C451342.

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