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Build your own financial plans

  • SproutPlans gives you digital, instant advice, for free.

  • Your data is protected.

  • SproutPlans shows you how actions today, no matter how small can make a significant long term impact on growing and protecting your wealth.

  • Don't understand numbers - visualize your future in simple to understand charts so you can quickly see what your plan means to you.

  • Life changes continuously and so does SproutPlans - change your goals, add more, play with different ideas - can I travel the world at 30 and still retire at 60, financially free?

How SproutPlans works

  • Enter your data.

  • Include the timing and amount of your goals.

  • Move these around - come back as often as you like to make new plans or see your progress.

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Free Financial Advice

Get a full report

Looking for specific recommendations to save you money, make you money or protect you and your wealth?


Contact us we would be delighted to draw up a bespoke SproutPlans Financial Plan, complied by our Certified Financial Planner®.

Don't just take our word for it...

Keith from Dublin 31

Keith, 31 Dublin

"Finances are not my thing

but I don't have time to meet

with a financial adviser and I don't understand their jargon.


With SproutPlans I can quickly see my gaps and their reports show me what I need to do to close these gaps - I understand them!"

Suzy in Dublin 30

Suzy, 30 Dublin

"SproutPlans takes the fuss and complexity out of financial planning."

Jason in Cork 33

"It is overwhelming to know where or how to start making financial plans. SproutPlans has great tools to help me map out my plans without using complicated spreadsheets. SproutPlans does all the calculations so I don't have to".

Jay, 33 Cork

Do you want to grow your wealth?

Compound interest was described as the 8th wonder of the world by Albert Einstein.  Compounding returns are a great way of making your own money work for you, through growth on your growth as well as on your regular savings. 


Such strategies are even further compounded with pension contributions where you also enjoy growth on your tax relief.


Move the dials on our app below to see the power of investing or have a look at your potential pension value at retirement.​  You can also download it directly to your phone and personalize for your own personal circumstances with all your data held in your local device.

The power of Investing.png

The chart is not financial advice and a full risk tolerance analysis should be completed to arrive at an investment strategy suitable to you and your time horizon.

These simulated returns are no guarantee of actual returns you might experience, which will be dependent on market conditions, asset class choices and your own tolerance for risk amongst other factors.

UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG)

UN Sustainable Development Goals

SproutPlans looks to the UN’s Sustainable Development goals which provide a blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet now and into the future. 


Several the 17 Sustainable Development Goals resonate with us and we aspire to support these, such as financial inclusion.  Read more on how we seek to transpose some of these SDGs into the service provided by SproutPlans. 

Awards & Recognition

SproutPlans was shortlisted in the regional FinTech category in the 2021 National Startup awards.

SproutPlans is included in Ireland's Indigenous FinTech Map

StartUp Awards - regional shortlist
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Your data privacy is our priority. See our data privacy policy here.

Plan for your future and live for today - complete personal financial plans

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